MANDAG 14. november 09:30–12:00

SOCIALE processer


 Elsebeth Jensen, ph.d. Uddannelseschef, Lærerudannelsen i VIA

Oplægget vil berøre spørgsmål som:

  • Hvordan bruger vi vores ressourcer bedst muligt?
  • Hvad betyder det at have fokus på kerneopgaven?
  • Er samarbejde med fokus på tillid og trivsel en idealistisk illusion eller en farbar vej?

wilding and weaving

– an ecological design practice

Siv Helene Stangeland, siv.ark.mnal, founding partner Helen & Hard Architects, ph.d student AAA

This doctoral research is embedded in and developed through a small creative enterprise pursuing to make environmentally sound architecture in a professional marked.

The discourse on sustainable architecture is tending to focus too much on energy efficiency, CO2 calculations, and new technologies, and is often neglecting the more intrinsic ecological potentials of architecture which lies in its relational, experiential and poetic natures. This research explores and articulates this potential in the context of the design practice Helen & Hard (H&H). Furthermore, it investigates the relationship between an individual creative access to this embodied knowledge and the systemic frameworks which can help to bring it forth in the collective endeavours of creating architecture.